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On Monday ASUS revealed the ASUS Transformer Book Duet, something they previously teased in a video last month. This tablet/laptop hybrid runs both Android and Windows 8.1 and can be used as either a tablet or a laptop. Bloody crazy, right?

The ASUS Transformer Book Duet TD300 is the World’s first “quad model” dual os laptop and tablet. It’s an Android Tablet, as well as a Windows tablet, it’s also an Android laptop as well as a Windows Laptop. It’s a pretty impressive piece of kit. In terms of the dual OS, ASUS claim that you can switch between either operating system within around 4 seconds without having to restart the machine and choose the OS from the beginning.

Does that mean you can play a kick-ass round of Angry Birds on Android and then quickly switch to Windows to send an email? I think it’s safe to say so! In the press release ASUS explain that the ability to switch almost instantly between Android and Windows and vice/versa is thanks to ASUS patented technology found behind the “Instant Switch” on-screen or physical button that ASUS say offers “fast, smooth and seamless switching and the ability to resume each OS from where the user left off.”

Anyway let’s take a look at the machine’s specs. It’s a pretty powerful device partly because it needs to run two operating systems. The Transformer Book Duet has a 13.3-inch IPS Full HD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, of course it’s touch screen too, the device splits in two with a separate keyboard dock to turn the device into it’s respective laptop.

In terms of processing power you’ll be looking at a fourth-gen Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processor which is blisteringly fast for Android, but you’ve got to remember that it runs full-blown Windows programs too. Couple the processor with the 4GB of DDR3 RAM then you’ll definitely be cooking.

In terms of storage, the device is split into two. In tablet mode you have up to 128GB of SSD space, whack it into the dock then you’ll have up to 1TB HDD space to work with. It’s also expected to have a battery life of around 5 hours in Windows tablet mode, and 6 hours in Android tablet mode.

Of course, these specs include “up to” because like with most laptops the Transformer Book Duet TD300 is customisable to some extent. The device is set to launch in the U.S. at the end of March, with prices starting at $599, no European details have been revealed yet.

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