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With more of us working on the move and using our mobiles and tablets to access essential information, email management on mobiles is becoming increasingly important. As we rely on our smartphones to keep us in touch with both our personal and work worlds, so there is a greater need for sophisticated and unified email management systems to keep our messages secure from threats, safely stored for future reference and compliant with corporate regulations. So what’s the best way to get peace of mind on email on the move?

Unified email management

Mimecast provide a cloud-based unified email management solution which allows you to safely archive huge amounts of email from multiple platforms , safe in the knowledge that it will be completely secure and that you can access it at anytime, anywhere. Your email will be protected, legally compliant and you’ll free up valuable space and memory on your device, making it easier to keep your inbox clear and your phone’s functions running at high speed. But why is it so important to invest in a quality email management system for your mobile?

Data security

Threats to your email security are increasing and with more emails containing sensitive information, both to you personally and your business or employer, be it payment details or other financial and personal data, it’s important to protect against possible security breaches. Outages, data leaks, phishing, spam and malware can all cause you and your business major problems, so investing in an email management tool such as Mimecast guarantees a high level of protection. Secure Email Gateways with encryption allows for direct control over blocking and quarantine lists through Outlook. It will also allow for quick data recovery in the event of a security breach, at least minimizing the effect for you and your business.

Corporate compliance

If you use your mobile to access work emails, then it is vital that you have a secure email archive, ensuring that you adhere to compliance regulations. With email becoming the primary form of business communication, it is now considered a legitimate form of legal business document. Under various business legislations, all such correspondences must be kept on record and must be easily accessible in the event of legal action from customers or other businesses. So email archiving has become not just a way of working more efficiently, but also a vital part of protecting businesses and employees.

Storage management and app performance

Archiving emails using an email management tool not only frees up your inbox and email client for priority emails, but it will also allow you to access important information in just a few clicks on your phone, even during outages. And with a cloud-based email archive, your phone will instantly perform better, freeing up memory space and processing speed, meaning your other apps will run faster and more efficiently.

So if you want to be smart about your email and feel safe in the knowledge that important data is both protected and accessible at any moment, wherever you are, then the time has come to invest in email archiving for your mobile. There will almost certainly be a day very soon when it will save you time, pain and money.

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