Killzone: Shadow Fall Developers Listening… Updates on Their Way

After a very successful launch release, the Playstation 4’s biggest exclusive title has made a name for itself. It’s one of those rare games that bring you both a mostly compelling single player campaign and a robust online section, worthy of your time.

Guerrilla games set up a site for player feedback to find out just what players wanted from their experience within the new Killzone universe and Player Voice has taken on what you have all asked for.

Ranging from fixes to invisible walls and being shot when waiting for a medic all the way to the return of much loved online modes, the peoples’ voice has been noted and the developers are hard at work to bring you what you want.

The first thing I complained about was the lack of the assassination/bodyguard missions, where a random member of you or the enemy team was nominated as a VIP. The objective was to hunt down the selected target and wipe him from the game or playing the opposing side of the coin, surrounding your nominated squad member with as much armoured death as possible until the timer ran out. It gave a tense edge to the match.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Developers Listening… Updates on Their Way - n3rdabl3The good news is, that Guerrilla acknowledge the missing mode and are researching how to install it into the already varied muliplayer portion of your favourite space-nazi first person shooter.

The great news is that we’ve also heard that Operations will be returning. These co-operative, objective based multiplayer missions were a great addition to the series in Killzone 3. You gathered your squad and were tasked with a series of increasingly complicated goals. In one match, you would have to maneuver your way across a map, completing certain rounds such as search and destroy and capturing areas. Pushing these along were a light story that saw the map change face as the action ensued.

So, the developers are actively giving fans a game that they want to play and offering support for any issues that arise. Is this the start of a new generation of gaming where games are tailored to the fans? Sony seem to have been aiming in that direction since the reveal of the PS4 in 2013… Let’s hope more developers are working to this end too.

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      Go to the link for Player Voice above, Gil. I’m sure many more have entered those problems to the database. :)