If you’re still basking in the glory of the multiplayer portion of PS4 hit, get ready for another couple of maps to murder on and find those special areas to drop spawn beacons, just to piss off the enemy.

Guerrilla Games have been hard at work to bring you two new environments for the game. The Cruiser and The Hanger will be available to download sometime in the near future and will add a bit of freshness to the current line up.

The Hangar is a huge, open map that gives sneaky snipers a chance to pick off grunts, dumb enough to walk into their sights. It’s set inside the hangar bay of a Helghan mining spire, so expect lots of mechanical whirring and grinding machinery to get your trigger finger twitching.

2014-01-15_02The Cruiser is a more compact map, for short to mid range madness and creeping down corridors carefully and probably armed with shotguns for maximum door popping effect. If you remember the tight firefights to be had in the campaign, you’ll know what’s expected of you here. Keeping control of key points will likely involve camping every entrance to the invaluable capture points.

Both maps will be added to the list soon and will cost you a penny less than the smallest denomination of coin… Nothing! This is to make sure that no one feels left out, like other FPS games I’ll deliberately fail to mention here when expensive care pack… Ahem map packs are released.2014-01-15_03

The other news is that the multiplayer DLC expansion will follow shortly afterwards, which will be part of the Season Pass or for extra cash for those of us without the money saving package. There’s no details as of what it will contain yet, but you can be sure that if the unpaid content is spectacular, you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

Keep your beady eyes on n3rdabl3 for more information as it comes and remember, a well placed spawn point always beats the todger with a high KDR…

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