Probably one of the most requested Grand Theft Auto V features is for Rockstar to release a PC version of the award winning and best selling game of 2013. Though Rockstar have explicitly said that there’s no news regarding a PC version of the title various signs have pointed to a release including the latest leak.

The leaked bug log which you can find here has various references to “PC” including instructions for PC users to “not grab this build (yet)” there are also a ton of references to various bugs that can be found in the PC version of the game including references to DirectX 11 and a “lastgen” toggle.

Game developers out there might be able to understand some of the references but I haven’t got the foggiest. Rumours are suggesting that there may be a March release date for the PC version of the title, but again, take this and any other rumours regarding GTA V on PC with a pinch of salt.

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