HTC One Plus Casess

Over the past few weeks there’s been an influx of rumours surrounding HTC’s next flagship device currently dubbed the HTC M8, though some suggest it’ll be called the HTC One+ upon release, and that it’ll feature fingerprint scanner technology as well as improved camera performance. The latest batch of leaks come in the form of phone cases allegedly for HTC’s next device which feature two oddly placed cutouts.

Both images (the clear and the more durable looking cases) come from Chinese retailer Alibaba, as well as Sonny Dickson who has managed to get a hold of one of two of the cases, which both show a circular cut out located at the very top of the device which would be a little too awkward for a fingerprint scanner so it could be for another camera placement for low lighting and image stabilisation.

Further down another weird shaped cut-out can be seen which could again be another camera placement or the rumoured fingerprint scanner. The latter wouldn’t be too out of place for HTC considering the HTC One Max has a fingerprint scanning tech on the back, a feature that was well received by critics.

With some pretty big tech events on the horizon I’m sure we’ll hear a lot more about HTC’s flagship device in the coming months, until then, why not leave a comment letting us know what you think about the leaks?

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