Anybody who has played a LEGO video game will know exactly what to expect. They’re fun to play and give a LEGO twist on some of peoples most beloved franchises. LEGO Marvel Superheroes is no different to previous games only this time it’s huge! I’ve played every single LEGO game apart from the  LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, which I know is where Marvel Superheroes was born from.

To put it into perspective, there is about 150 characters to choose and play with. Common characters that you know are guaranteed to feature like Iron Man, Spider-Man and the likes. There’s also the less common characters that only some fans will know of, that maybe the younger audience won’t know. The likes of Power Man and Iron Fist, two characters that in their own way are awesome but just aren’t at the forefront of Marvels mainstream output. Although, future projects may bring these two into the limelight. Enough about that though. 150 characters, varying in capabilities, gender, alliances and even size.

The story centers around The Silver Surfer’s crash landing causing his surf board to break into pieces or ‘Cosmic Bricks’ these bricks are key to Doctor Doom’s dastardly plan to create, wait for it, The Doom Ray of Doom! (*Thunder Crashes*). His plan is to collect up all the bricks and make the device, but to be successful he’ll have to seek the help of other villains of the massive comic book universe including Loki, Red Skull and Green Goblin.

Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D will stop at nothing to make sure that Doom doesn’t get his hands on the Cosmic Bricks and calls on all the heroes of the Marvel Universe to help him. Set against New York City, characters will cross-over and help each other out in various different missions. Wolverine will team up with Iron Man, Reed Richards will help out Captain America and a bunch of other combinations. In New York you’ll find famous locations like The Daily Bugle, Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, Stark Tower, Oscorp, The S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier and a bunch of other places!


When you mention a LEGO game you don’t normally mention the graphics, you may mention how certain things have been captured in LEGO and how it looks good but never normally the graphics but in LEGO Marvel Superheroes you have to mention the graphics. The way the light and city are caught and reflected in the shiny face of Iron Mans helmet to how Cyclops’ beam cuts through objects it all looks really good. Even in LEGO. It’s subtle as LEGO and TT Games don’t solely rely on the graphics to carry their games, but when you stop and realise the work that’s been put into it it really does look amazing.

When it comes to character choice there’s good points and bad ones, luckily more good than bad and the bad points are based around one thing, females. The simple fact of the game is there aren’t that many female characters to play as, don’t get me wrong there are some great ones but what they’ve done is fill gaps with sub-standard people like Mary-Jane Watson, I am still yet to figure out what she does apart from nothing. The same goes for Pepper Potts, who has two variations – boring, I do nothing type and the more entertaining version, Rescue which is basically Pepper in an Iron Man-type suit. There are also female characters with powers that are lackluster too, mainly squirrel girl. That doesn’t mean to say that there aren’t male characters with very little to offer the game, Absorbing Man, A version of the Mandarin and the fact that there is two versions of Symbiote Scientists. They do bulk up the character line up, and I’m sure to some people out there they’re great characters to play as. Just not me.


The newest addition to the LEGO games is the ‘big figs’ or big figures and they’re plentiful in LEGO Marvel Superheroes. Big Figs are the larger characters like The Hulk and TT Games have done really well to incorporate them into the game, along side Hulk, you’ll find Thing, Colossus and my favourite – Hulk Buster Iron Man. On the other side of the battleground, big fig bad guys include Juggernaut, Rhino, Kurse as well as Thanos (through DLC).

When it comes to distractions in the game I’m probably the main culprit, I can openly admit to spending a whole Sunday (8 hours to be exact) running around New York collecting money, unlocking new characters and carrying out races. There’s so much more to do in the game than just the missions that you could go a session of play time without even doing a mission. The world of New York is large enough to have fun with all players and random citizen missions break up your journey from mission to mission. You can easily go off on a tangent from what you had originally set out to do, and things like that are what make this game so brilliant.

Lego-Marvel-Iron Man
Everyone’s favorite Mercenary, Deadpool makes a return as a narrater in mini missions, these special missions help unlock some characters for in game use. Shocker and Electro are holding up a bank so as Spider-Man, Captain America and Iron Man. The mission starts with Deadpool giving a run down on the goings on before the mission starts in a humorous and Deadpool fashion. Once you complete the level he’ll give run down on everything and leave you with some pretty fancy dance moves. They’re really fun to do and you can rely on Deadpool to break up the game for you in a straight to the point fashion.

Voice acting in the game is superb, TT Games have gotten some real talent to voice there characters. One of the biggest to me was that they got Clark Gregg to do Phil Coulson. Other famous names include Roger Craig Smith who voices Captain America and Johnny Storm (which is funny because Chris Evans portrayed both of these characters in the film counterparts.) who people may remember did the voice work of Ezio in the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Stan Lee plays himself, Nolan North continues the voice work of Deadpool, as well as Magneto and a bunch of other characters. John DiMaggio voices the most characters in game and would probably be best know for Bender in Futurama and Marcus in Gears of War.

LEGO Marvel 02
LEGO Marvel Superheroes is one of those games that you can enjoy by yourself but for a brilliant experience find a friend or loved one to enjoy it with. Myself and my girlfriend have teamed up and thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. She has her favourite and I have mine and that is what is another great thing about the game, everyone can find a favourite and just play till there hearts content. For me it’s War Machine, he was my favourite growing up and has continued to be through the film and now to this game (I’m still adjusting to Iron Patriot. WARMACHINEROXX). For my girlfriend it’s Dark Phoenix (DLC), people have different taste and it’s normally the powers that they have that make people like them so much.

Have you played LEGO Marvel Superheroes? If so what did you think of it and who is your favourite character? Let us know in the comments below!

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i played the game on ps3 before i knew there was going to be a ps4 version as well. >_<

either way, i loved it alot. My only complaints were the flight and vehicle controls which just felt really sloppy. But i didn't think they were great in Lego Batman 2 either.

MORE DLC!!! I Must have more!!! LEGO MARVEL FOREVER!!!


Need nightcrawler….rogue….shadowcat….maybe more……please make more dlc


Need Nightcrawler….Mockingbird….Rogue….Shadowcat….Titania….blizzard….please Marvel…make more DLC