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It would appear there is even more good news for Google’s Chrome OS this week, as it has been revealed by Lenovo that they intend to move a Chromebook range into the consumer market this year.

The Beijing-based tech giants already run a range of Chrome OS-toting notebooks, but they are largely for the education sector and are not currently available for the wider consumer market.

Lenovo’s announcement may be a result of Chromebooks sales through commercial channels surging in the US last year, it is under this category that the education sector is included, meaning Lenovo would have seen some of the benefits of this surge.

It is expected that this increase in commercial market share may soon be mirrored in the traditional market as many consumers’ needs boil down to internet services and, no matter what Microsoft try and say, Chromebooks are an excellent vehicle for this and (most) come at an ultra low price.

The plans from Lenovo were announced by President of Lenovo North America, Jay Parker, who suggested that there would be a number of Lenovo built Chromebooks available to the consumer market by Summer 2014.

It is rumoured that these products will come in a variety of guises, with many different price points and specifications covered by Lenovo.

This announcement follows a Chromebook reveal by Toshiba at CES and indicates that manufacturers are keen to jump on the Chromebook bandwagon following a steady rise in popularity.

I say this often when writing up Chromebook articles but we’re huge fans of Google’s super lightweight and speedy Chromebooks here at n3rdabl3 and Google securing another partner to create hardware for the consumer market should be seen as good news and should see devices running Chrome OS cover even more of the market come the end of this year.

If you’re unfamiliar with Google’s internet-driven notebooks check out our (rather extensive) archive of Chromebook articles here, or if you want to check out what they have to offer check out our editor’s review here or his awesome tips and tricks guide here.

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