LG G Flex to Launch in Over 20 European Countries come February

LG are planning a massive roll-out of their bendy smartphone the LG G Flex next month which is expected to land in over 20 countries throughout Europe including the U.K.,Germany, France, Italy, Sweden and Austria, among others, which is exciting news, it’s just a shame it’s so damn expensive.

LG have announced its plans to launch the LG G Flex across Europe next month with availability of the first handset that’s “designed to follow the curve of the human face” to be widespread.

“The introduction of the LG G Flex in Europe demonstrates our confidence in the global marketplace for a curved smartphone,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “As a premium smartphone, the G Flex will further establish LG as a brand that offers something unique for every consumer segment. This is a device that is guaranteed to start a conversation wherever it goes.”

LG has yet to announce carriers for the G Flex, but we know that EE here in the UK is set to offer the handset as is Orange in France, though pricing might put you off.