LG Reportedly Lands Deal to Manufacture Apple’s iWatch Display.

With rumours pointing to the launch of Apple’s smart watch, dubbed the iWatch, at some point this year, we’re starting to hear more specific details on the device and what it could feature. The latest rumour comes from reports from Korea that confirm that LG will in fact manufacture the display for Apple’s iWatch.

The report goes a little deeper to explain that the material used for Apples iWatch will be similar to the material used for LG’s G Flex display which also match up to rumours that Apple’s device will have a curved form factor to better fit the wrist. The iWatch is also expected to have a 1.52 inch display also.

For some reason the report has since been taken offline, but if you want to take a closer look you can check out the Google Cache of the page here. Though Google’s translation of the page makes for some pretty difficult reading. With the removal of the report and no real definitive proof that Apple are looking at developing a smart watch I’d probably take this information with a pinch of salt, or two.

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