At CES 2014, Mad Catz revealed their new ear massaging, vibrating headset. If it doesn’t make your gaming sessions any better, at least it’ll buzz away those work stresses and stop you from ranting at randoms on Battlefield 4.

Using a low frequency, haptic feedback, the earphones will vibrate through the muscles and bones around your ears, giving a more intense feeling in firefights and driving games. I’m pretty sure that anyone who likes playing survival horror games such as Outlast and Amnesia will be soiling themselves on a new level with this sort of feature too.

Mad Catz are using the ViviTouch 4D Sound Technology to give a more physical and immersive gaming session. Bayer, the company responsible for the polymer tech, believe that it will add a more in depth sensory experience.

For only $129.99, you’ll be able to pick up this USB, 50mm stereo speaker fitted headset, complete with a built in mini sub-woofer for your PC, PS4 or Mac this month if you live in the US.


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