No, it’s not been hacked, the next episodic content patch for 2.1’s Asgard related storyline is a full blown siege by the Dark Elves.

Malekith the Accursed has invaded Asgard with an army of pointy eared fiends for you and your chums to batter down to a fine blue paste. Join up with a team and set out onto the open battle-zone and show those Dark Elves what a clobberin’ looks like. Not only that but new enemies, such as Rock Trolls and Kronan have been added for a bit of assortment to your pulverising pleasure.

There’s also a new boss battle in the form of the one and only Loki, set in Odin’s throne room. This multi-staged fight will test your mettle against the green and gold master of the huge horny helmet. Dare I say ‘Oooh, matron’?

You’re not alone either, as Ghost Rider has joined the fray as a playable character to unleash the fires of hell against the forces of evil. Ride into combat as the fiery-skulled stuntman alongside the huge cast of Marvel characters already available on the in game store or purchasable by use of eternity splinters.

You can download Marvel Heroes in all it’s amazing free-to-play glory on Steam for PC right now! Oh aye, check out the trailer above for a look at some of the action too.

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