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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is still a fairly new game available on the Xbox One, released December 2013 it is categorised as a 2.5D side scrolling platformer. Simply put though, it’s a really fun game.

Max-TCoB_Background_Felix_nabbingYou take control of Max the little ginger haired lad who like most older sibling finds his younger brother a little annoying. After a quick internet search on how to make your brother disappear Max finds a rhyme which he reads and suddenly a portal of light appears in his room and the giant hand of some creature snatches Max’s brother Felix and takes him through the closing portal. Max spring into action and jumps through the gateway before it closes. And so it begins.

Once you get to the other side you are dropped onto a ridge of rocks in the middle of the desert, in the background you see a huge monster carrying Felix. With the monster in your sights, you set off jumping over large gorges and climbing up rocky levels. Using ropes to swing across larger gaps and avoiding falling overhead rocks. At the beginning of the game it’s super simple, which is great. The learning curve is steady and anyone can pick it up but what stood out to me was the simplicity of it. As Max continues his brother Felix is snatched away by a giant monstrous looking bird. At this point the first monster turns nasty and a chase begins. Max has to run, climb swing and crawl his Max-TCoB-01way to safety until the monster cannot reach you. You and Max eventually reach the end of the rocks and must run to an oasis like forest with a tall tree sitting in the middle of it.

Once you make your way to the tall tree using vines and branches Max is greeted by an old woman who informs Max of what he must do to save his brother. The old woman tells of a far away castle where an old man, Mustacho is keeping Felix with plans to use his soul to make himself immortal and rule this world forever! Max takes on the epic task and the old lady asks what weapon he had brought. Max is a kid, he left his sword in his room, all he has is a magic marker and it literally does become a magic marker when the old lady enchants it to help Max on his journey!

MaxTCOB MonsterThe marker plays an integral role in Max’s adventure it’s the tool that helps Max get further in his quest. Firstly it can raise pillars of earth from the ground to help reach higher points. Other powers include the creations of branches that can be used to climb higher, get over large holes and much more. The magic marker will also create vine which can be tethered to branches and pillars to make ropes to swing from. The markers powers will help complete some very interesting puzzles for Max but they can also be used offensively. Using pillars you can slow down enemies that are chasing Max providing him with a quick getaway.

Graphically, the game is wonderful. There are several different location types, like deserts, forests, caves and many more all of which have a different feel. Caves are dark and full of holes where one wrong move can be your last. Forests are dense and appear full of life, even though the life in there is probably full of terrifying monsters. Helping enthrall players is the games soundtrack, it’s upbeat but not so that you feel like your playing a happy-go-lucky type of game. It’s suited to the game and compliments the look of it too.

Max-TCoB-03Max: The Curse of Brotherhood isn’t Max’s first adventure. He had a game in 2010 called Max & the Magic Marker it was available on PC, Mac, Wii, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Network, iOS and Windows Phone 7. It’s Max: The Curse of Brotherhood though that really shows off Max in a good light. It’s a fun game that plays brilliantly, it’s graphics are wonderfully suited to the setting of the game and each part of it compliments the other.

If you’ve played Max: The Curse of Brotherhood then let us know what you think of it in the comments below. If you haven’t played it you should and you can grab it for Xbox One for £11.99 on the Marketplace. It is also set to release for Xbox 360 sometime this year so keep an eye out for that!

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