In the most unsurprising piece of news to hit the games industry so far this year, Minecraft has sold one million on PSN and is continuing to go strong. It launched on PSN in December and is continuing to break the big numbers everywhere. It’s probably record-breaking. Even Mojang said so in their announcement saying the milestone “has to be some kind of record on PSN” – as they look to Sony to confirm whether it is or not.

To date Minecraft has sold in excess of 34 million copies across numerous platforms, a figure which can be conservatively extrapolated from the fact it had sold a whopping 33 million in October of 2013. To put that into perspective that’s just over one copy for every citizen in Morocco or two copies for every inhabitant of the Netherlands.

With Minecraft hitting the PSN Store in the middle of December just before the Christmas period, after the release of two next-generation consoles and many months after it was released on its other platforms, the news just shows the gaming powerhouse that is Minecraft is still going strong and will be likely to continue this incredible run all the way onto the next-gen and beyond when it hits PS4 and PS Vita soon. It’s easy to see that Minecraft is still a prominent cornerstone of the gaming zeitgeist when a trip to the local supermarket brings up magazines and books dedicated to this craze along with t-shirts and even cuddly voxel pig toys.

Minecraft is still available on PC, Linux, iOS, XBLA and Android and likely still selling like hot diamonds. Surely it’s only a matter of time until a TV company commissions Mojang to add Minecraft to one of their Smart TVs or we can start to play it on purpose-made Minecraft-while-you-Dinecraft tablets in every fast food restaurant in the world.

What are your thoughts on all this? Did you buy Minecraft on PSN? Would you by a Minecraft-while-you-Dinecraft tablet if we were to take the idea to Mojang? Add your comments and petition signatures to the comments box down below.

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