Okay so you might have heard of this already but now, you can all assemble to see just what heroes and villains you can send down a mineshaft to do some real hard work instead of poncing about in spandex all day.

Comprising of 35 characters, this Xbox 360 exclusive skin pack comes jam-packed with no less than eight Avengers, including Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, Hawkeye and even Ant-Man and Vision. There’s probably more tucked in there under the radar but seem not to be revealed in the trailer.

There’s a list of villains in there too so you can send old Loki down on badly built log cabins and Westerosi holdfasts to destroy them like a particularly nasty bully. Who thought people would still be doing this 30 years after nursery school Sticklebrick destruction fits?

This is great news for Minecraft fans who need some new material to spend months holed up in their rooms, constructing a brick-perfect Baxter Building and Stark Tower, only to be surrounded by a scale version of New York by the time their beards have reached ZZ Top proportions.

Have a look at the trailer above to get a glimpse at around half of the characters and watch Black Widow flash through the trees like a, well, like a blocky 3D character from a 1990’s game…

You can purchase the pack on Xbox Live for £1.99/$2.99 right now if you so wish.

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