Okay, it’s not quite as dramatic as it sounds. You wont turn out like Mike TV in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, nor will you be able to re-enact Honey, I Shrunk the Kids…

It will, through use of a program called Shapify, allow you to create a scale model of your very own handsome self in miniature form. Using the original Xbox 360 Kinect camera, a PC and the software, you can own a real life mini-me.

This is fantastic news for tabletop gamers who really want their own image to use for a model, someone who would love to put themselves next to their prized collection of action figures or just people who are so vain, they think that gifting someone with a tiny them is an amazing idea. Oh yes, they do exist.

The brilliant minds behind the idea have set up an easy to use and detailed walkthrough on their site and the offer to print your very being and pack you off in the post to you. That sounds very confusing in a sci-fi plot sort of way but awesome nonetheless.

To read more about this wonderful scheme, head over to the Shapify website for full details on how the process works and how you can finally play with yourself without getting a slap from your loved one for visiting dodgy websites.

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