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Yes, I know I’m a little late this time around.  I spent most of December in bed with a chest infection, this did however give me plenty of thumb/face time with a few apps, here’s what kept me sane while coughing up a lung.

papa-pear-saga1) Papa Pear Saga

Yeah, another King game, I really do have a problem but they know how to make a game that keeps me coming back! It’s fun, it’s colourful and it’s super similar to Peggle. You shoot your Papa Pear from the top of the screen, each level has a different goal, there’s pots at the bottom of the screen to be lit up, carrots to get rid of and a certain amount of acorns to collect to proceed, add in a target score and you’ve got something completely addictive!

There are various different boosters to collect throughout each level, some will give you fire while others will explode into multiple Papa Pears racking up your score, as with most, if not all King games there’s in app purchases to help you progress, I’ve actually found that this is the easiest King title to make your way through without feeling a pressure to purchase in game credits. I have never actually purchased lives or boosters in any game, ever. When I get to a point where I can’t carry on I simply remove the app which is a major party pooper but not a point I’ve yet reached with this game.

Papa Pear is available on iOS and Android and is free to play.

alcheny2) Alchemy 

This is something I played many years ago, probably 5/6 devices ago. Alchemy is great for any science nerd, you simply drag one element from your board on to another element and see what it creates once they’re combined. There is a possible 390 items to make, you start with the basic 4 (earth, water, fire and air) and go from there. As well as the usual suspects such as coal and clay you can create some fun ones like the 1UP mushroom and Dr.Zoidberg – all you need is a little imagination.

Elements and items you make are kept in a menu where you can pick and choose what you bring onto the main board, anything you no longer need on the main board can be dragged to the recycling bin.

It’s fun and addictive and will leave you wondering how you made it from the Kama Sutra to a fossil.

Alchemy is available on Android and iOS and is free to play.

call of duty3) Call of Duty App

This is a handy little app for keeping an eye on your Ghost in-game stats as well as edit your character/load-out and keep in contact with your clan.

As well as chatting with your clan you can check out how they’re doing in the the clan wars and also the over all progress in-game. So, if you want to set up a kick ass ninja class while you’re on the train you can do so and it’ll be ready to go when you get home, you can do the boring class stuff while on the toilet, no need to fire up the Xbox.

The Call of Duty App is completely free and available on iOS and Android.

It’s a mixed bag this month! Like always, if there’s anything you think I should check out please leave a comment below.

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