Yesterday various tech news publications received an email which included an invite to a Motorola event which is set to be held in London on January 14. On the invite it reveals that they’re unveiling a new product for Europe and the invite itself looks suspiciously similar to the invite sent out for the event in which the company were showing off the US-only Moto X. Does that mean the Moto X is coming to Europe? I god damn hope so.

In July last year, Motorola sent out this invite to various tech sites to an event where the company planned to show off the Moto X in all its glory, that very same invite is seemingly being re-used on the latest invite to an event being held in London where Motorola are revealing a new handset that they’re planning on bringing to Europe, all fingers point to the Moto X.

That very same background has a party-goer holding up their hand which contains the currently US exclusive Moto X, so there’s really no doubt that Motorola are planning on bringing the Moto X to the European market. That does beg the question of whether Motorola will be bringing along the Moto Maker, a toolkit that Motorola released along side the Moto X for customers to choose their own case colour, accent colour, screen colour, as well as many other customisable options.

Obviously we’re going to have to wait and see whether Motorola do actually announce the Moto X, so keep an eye on n3rdabl3 next Tuesday to find out exactly what Motorola are doing.


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