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Mozilla’s mobile operating system, Firefox OS, has had a bumpy road thus far, the transition from hushed rumour and much anticipated alternative to the hegemony of Android and Apple devices to wide market release was not met with the rapture and fanfare that Mozilla would not have expected.

It seems that the internet giants are not going to give up on a smartphone operating system, which is primarily based around HTML5 and boasts an app store populated with websites taken directly from the web, as they have confirmed they are planning to have a big presence at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

February’s mobile conference is one of the largest of its kind and will attract world attention and it would seem that Mozilla are keen to garner some of this focus to resurrect their mobile platform, following the somewhat underwhelming release of the ZTE Open and Alcatel One Touch Fire.

The move was revealed by the guys over at CNET, who claim that a year after its impressive debut at the mobile conference Mozilla are ready to return to show off the latest range of devices that come toting Firefox OS, maybe this time around the vision of dominating emerging markets and positioning itself as a viable and low-cost alternative to the Android platform may actually materialise.

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