Here at n3rdabl3 we are always looking for new ways to bring you some great content. Building on the success of the website we have bought you intriguing and hilarious series on our Youtube channel and have provided you with witty and engaging camaraderie through our exclusive podcast, the n3rdcast.

As part of our commitment to continue growing and evolving to bring you, our lovely readers, the best possible content on all of the finest things in a nerds life we are proud today to reveal our new platform, an e-mag, which will feature exclusive interviews, opinion pieces and features that you won’t see anywhere else.

The best thing about the mag? It’s completely free! Click the download button on this page and you’ll get a shiny PDF file of our first attempt at an e-mag, which you can read anywhere on any tablet, smartphone or computer you are currently proudly lugging around.

In our debut edition I catch up with indie developer Alan Zucconi to talk through some of his projects and the current state of game development in our Indie Spotlight; Josh got the chance to talk to some of the stars of iconic 90’s TV show, Power Rangers Mighty Morphin’ and; the Miserable Old Bastard sets his sights on freemium gaming and today’s DLC culture, the result is not pretty.

Alongside this we have Hayley’s monthly app must haves, with photography apps being under her lens this month; Alex delves under the mask of Gotham’s darkest hero and talks DC’s Batman; Aaron talks his greatest love, Google, and what they’re thinking when purchasing Nest Labs and; see why Lenovo and Steam Machines were hot in January and why Michael Bay and Google were not.

As with any new form of media we need your help to make this thing as awesome as it can be. We’d love to hear what you think about our first ever e-mag and would take any suggestions for improvement on board, alongside this we’d love to have your views for next month’s mag so hit me up using [email protected] and the best letters will get a spot in our February edition.

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