Editors Note: Hey! Welcome to The n3rdcast, our brand new and refreshed weekly podcast from n3rdabl3.co.uk where we’re going to be talking all things gaming every Monday (Tuesday or Wednesday, Sometimes Thursday..) week. Let me introduce you to our panel; First we have our host Brian Crawford who will be joined by Fish, and Aaron each week to discuss the latest gaming news, their pet peeves, and look back on the past week and share their opinions.

It may be a little rough of the bat at first, but bare with us because this is going to be awesome!

This week start things off with a bang! Fish’s ILMAYST gets us discussing what qualifies an alcoholic sudsy beverage to be called ‘Beer’, and why drinking certain beverages may leave a man devoid of chest hair. I discuss my feelings so far with my Xbox One, while Aaron brags about his new Nintendo thingy.

After hating on people who can’t read good, we play the ‘guess how ridiculously big the Dead Rising 3 patch is’ game, we discuss more disparaging YouTube and Microsoft news and Talk a little Titanfall.

Lastly, we give you a short but sweet year in review from each of us, and what we’re super stoked for in 2014…because it’s January, so we can do that.

Like the theme music? It’s by an awesome group called MathTheBand, the song is ‘Positive Stress’ off of their Album Get Real, which you can purchase here!

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