If you were disappointed with the recent Hitman game, it looks like IO Interactive are absolving their sins by announcing their new title in the series with a short list of details to sate your assassination needs.

The open letter to fans comes on the official website, stating that the game is currently in production and that it will be set in the prime of 47’s career, when he doesn’t have to garrotte his former employers.

IO are looking to use the Glacier 2 engine to fuel your secretive sniping and dodgy dinner poisonings, creating a more open approach to the game that harks back to Contracts and Blood Money rather than the infuriating check points of Absolution. They are also raving about much bigger levels where you can plot your target’s demise, giving you the opportunity to again, think about your hit rather than feel herded into your method.

If the developers can get the feel of Blood Money with the next generation benefits of detail, then hopefully, receiving money for murder will be fun once again.

It’s also stated that Agent 47 will no longer have the ability of Mary Poppins’ carpet bag and that means you’ll be limited to what you can carry to stave your unwitting contract’s head in while wearing a chicken suit.

Contracts mode returns too, allowing you to modify existing levels to your whim, pinpointing targets and conditions to be met to challenge your friends and see who really is a devious bastard among your online mates.

I’m sure there will be more news to come in the current months and n3rdabl3 will be waiting with held breath, eye on the crosshairs and ready to blast some new information your way when it arrives.


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