About bloody time. Nidhogg, the side scrolling, pixelated, fencing game is finally coming to Steam on January 13! The winner of numerous awards despite actually being readily available to play, Nidhogg will finally be bringing it’s sword wielding action to ‘home computers’ next Monday!

In July last year, Messhof announced that he’ll be finally be releasing Nidhogg to the masses, a game that was only really available to play if you happened to stumble across a Winnitron game cabinet. Months passed but nothing surfaced, that was until the early hours of this morning when Messhof tweeted and revealed the brand new release trailer that you can see above.

The game is set to include the highly anticipated multiplayer mode, a sound track featuring some great artists such as Daedelus, as well as an eight player tournament mode, various fight stages, and what appears to be a pixelated penis snake-like creature.

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