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Nokia’s rumoured Android powered smartphone, codenamed Normandy, has now been given an official name according to serial tipster @evleaks. Nokia X is the name of the forked Android device, which could be seeing a release some time in the next few months.

The Nokia X as it’s now known, if released, will be the first ever Nokia device running Android. The Finnish company have always been huge fans of Microsoft’s mobile operating system Windows Phone 8 so an Android powered device will be very out of the ordinary and a welcomed addition.

Though it’s probably worth noting that the Nokia X, if rumours are to be believed, will come with a ‘forked’ version of Android which means that, unlike the Moto X, Nexus 5, and Samsung Galaxy S4 that are powered by Android, the Nokia X will have a Kindle Fire type build which may offer limitations when it comes to customisation.

The Nokia X is also said to be a pretty low-end device to tech addicts such as myself won’t be queueing up outside our local phone shops to get a glimpse of the rare Nokia device. Rumours also suggest that the Nokia X could be revealed and even launched as early as March.

As you may have noticed all of the information above is based on rumours and leaks surrounding the Android powered Nokia device. With Microsoft on the verge of taking over Nokia’s mobile division this smartphone could have just been a pipedream that’s coming out now due to the acquisition.

It’s probably best to take the information with a pinch of salt.

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