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Nokia’s rumoured Android powered smartphone, the Nokia X, has been everywhere over the past few weeks. Similar to a couple in a Soap surrounded by sexual tension it’s a “will they”, “won’t they” situation. With Microsoft’s acquisition of the Finnish companies mobile division we’re not exactly sure if Nokia’s forked Android smartphone is going to see the light of day, though various rumours are hinting at a reveal at the Mobile World Congress.

In the latest batch of leaks, once again by @evleaks, gives us a better idea on what sort of power the Nokia X will hold. So, the Nokia X, according to @evleaks will be home to 2 x 1GHz Snapdragon processor (2 x usually means Dual Core), 4″ WVGA (presumably touch screen), 512MB RAM, 4GB  Storage, support for microSD (probably up to 32GB), a 5MP main camera, and a 1500MAh battery.

As we know from previous leaks it’ll come with a Amazon Kindle-like forked Android with the main app store being Nokia Store as well as 3rd party stores, hopefully Google Play. Finally @evleaks revealed that it’ll support dual-SIM and come in a range of 6 colours.

Finally the Nokia X was recently seen listed on a Vietnamese retailer which listed the above specifications along side the device, no price was revealed and the listing was soon taken down but Ubergizmo managed to grab a screenshot.

Of course, everything I’ve just written should be taken with a pinch of salt until Nokia announce plans for an Android powered device, either called the Nokia X or to match up with their range of budget devices; Nokia Asha.

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