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Lately, most Nokia devices have been solidly sticking to the blue side of the fence with most of the companies flagship devices coming with Windows Phone 8, in the latest string of leaks however, it looks like an Android powered Nokia device is still on the table..

According to sources familiar with the matter, Nokia’s Android powered device, codenamed ‘Normandy’, is apparently still in the works and is aimed at the lower end of the smartphone spectrum, it’s also set to come with Nokia’s own version of Android, similar to that on Amazon’s Kindle Fire devices.

The reason for the Nokia/Android variant is because, like Amazon, Nokia plan to build upon the OS and customise it how they see fit, perhaps adding a Nokia App Store? Sources have revealed that the device will run apps like Skype and other popular apps, but there’s no word whether Google Play will come packaged with the OS.

Since the news two photo’s have emerged courtesy of @evleaks, one of which is of a Nokia Lumia type device without any clear capacitive buttons for navigation, the second is a series of images which show Nokia’s Android based OS which still heavily resembles Windows Phone 8 minus the horrible tiles. The three images show a lock screen with on-screen notifications, the Viber dialer, and an instance of Skype running. There’s also notification icons in the top left which suggest that there’s support for Dual Sims.

Whether or not the Nokia/Android effort will make an appearance, what with the Microsoft acquisition looming overhead and expected to be completed in the coming months, we’ll have to wait and see. I highly doubt Microsoft would be keen to focus on an Android device considering how desperate they are to shunt anything remotely Google.


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