Nokia Normandy 2

If the Nokia ‘Normandy’ forked Android phone was a pipe, I’d be worried by the amount of leaks that have been appearing over the past few days. More real life images of Nokia’s rumoured forked Android handset codenamed ‘Normandy’ have appeared again, this time focusing on the case of the phone.

This time leaked an image leaked by @vizileaks who wrote “and the waiting game begins..” along side doesn’t really reveal a whole lot about the device or in fact whether the device is actually the rumoured Normandy device. What we can see is the usual soft touch polycarbonate shell used on most of Nokia’s devices, but again, no real indication that it’s the forked Android device.

Taking into account this and the various other leaks surrounding this device a release or at least an announcement of some kind seems imminent, but like I’ve mentioned in previous posts; with the deal with Microsoft looming ahead this might be all we see of the Android powered Nokia device.

As with all leaks, take this picture with a pinch of salt until Nokia actually reveal the device to the world.

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