Nokia Normandy Smartphone

This weekend we wrote about the press images that had been leaked of Nokia’s rumoured Android powered device, Codename ‘Normandy’, but with the deal with Microsoft looming dangerously to completion, we were unsure whether the phone would actually manifest. This morning via Twitter, a new image was revealed, this time a physical photograph of the device sporting a Nokia logo on screen.

As with previous leaks there’s still very little information to go by, what we do know according to rumours is that the Nokia ‘Normandy’ will come with a forked version of Android, similar to what Amazon have done to the Kindle Fire, we also know from rumours that it’ll be aimed the lower end of the smartphone scale.

The latest image was leaked by @seamissu on Twitter, who @replied our favourite smartphone leakster @evleaks with what they described as the “engineering prototype of Nokia Normandy” and as you can see in the photo is contains the same back button as the previous leaks but now the screen shows what we believe is the boot animation which displays the Nokia logo. Sadly the phone is in a rather hefty case so we can’t see if the shape or colour matches up with the other leaked images, but it’s something right?

With the deal with Microsoft expected to finalise some time this week (rumours hinted at Today), we’re still in two minds as to whether the Normandy phone will make it any further than an engineering prototype. We’ll update you on this when more develops.

Nokia Smartphone

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Nokia’s android is the last surviving fight for the company…fits of laughter from Sony Apple Samsung..even China Mobile