Octodad Coop

This has totally made my day.

Young Horses have announced on Twitter that Octodad: Dadliest Catch will feature a local co-op mode, with a total of four players able to take control of the dapper gentlegangly octopus at one time.

So are there any more surprises in store from the innovative young developers? ‘Local co-op for Octodad is pretty much one of our last surprises for launch,’ tweeted Kevin Geisler (Producer, Young Horses), so it looks like we’re all clued up ahead of the launch on January 30th. Wait, I don’t think I said that loud enough: AHEAD OF THE LAUNCH ON JANUARY 30TH! THAT’s TODAY – IT LAUNCHES IN SIX HOURS TIME!

Available on Mac, PC and Linux through Humble, Steam and good old GOG. Launching on PS4 sometime in March.

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