Ready at Dawn’s mysterious Playstation 4 exclusive is still a bit of a conundrum, but we’ve received some new shiny screenies in the office for you to marvel at while you wait for more news.

The foundations of the plot have been laid out, centered on an order of knights from King Arthur’s  round table, charged with defending humanity from a terror known only as the half-breeds. That might sound a bit dodgy, but the threat comes from magical cross breeds of man and animal that decided humans were a bit crap and brought war down upon their stinky little eighth century villages.

It’s only when King Arthur comes into power, some centuries later, that he tasks his knights to send these monsters back to the hell they came from. Now, in 1886, the war continues and humanity seems to be losing the battle. The Order is defending the rich and powerful while the peasants are revolting.

This will surely make the Order’s job much harder, which is what we’re hoping for, because blasting beasties with futuristic muskets in a Victorian setting needs a bit more danger than just a few werewolves, eh?

The main characters are steeped in actual history, Sebastian Mallory being the ancestor of Thomas Mallory, author of Le Morté d’Arthur, one of the most referenced King Arthur documentations in our world. The other characters, Grayson, Isabeau and the Marquis de Lafayette are still shrouded in mystery at the moment. They all take on what seem to be codenames of Arthurian legends too. Mallory being Percival, Grayson is Galahad and Isabeau takes on the title of Lady Igraine.

Well, slight mythological history lesson over, I’ll give you the chance to pore over these pics which show one possible in game action shot and a few cut scene snaps where you can view the main cast at your leisure.

The Order 1886 still doesn’t have a release date but it’s still penned for a 2014 release at the minute. Keep your beady eyes on n3rdabl3 for more news as it arrives.




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