Permutation Racer

We all like free stuff. Free food. Free drink. Free samples from supermarket bakeries. Free games however normally fall into the freemium catagory. The kind of game which offers you hundreds of hours of free play through hours and hours of resctricted gameplay instead of paying a small amount of money to get what you want quicker.Even paying for access to betas has become the norm these days (not to say this is a bad thing, early access is the canines genitals). So how does a combination of all three sound to you? A free game with plenty of different gameplay which isn’t even released yet. Then let n3rdabl3 point you to Permutation Racer.

Permutation Racer is a procedurally generated endless racer where the aim is incredibly simple – do not fail. You speed between checkpoints and picking up stars which grant you boost power. Some of these stars hover in the air as stars normally do though so you’re going to have to do jump to get them. Luckily a brief tap of the space bar lets you jump to catch these shiny sparkles of speed giving beauty. Brief taps of the space bar will also be needed to jump over small barriers which try to stymy your speed. From gameplay though try to resist doing the usual thing of jumping anytime you’re not doing something else as it will cut into your speed and control. Control which you’re going to need to dodge small ride spikes poised to slow your progress.

And that’s it mechanically.


A prototype in procedural production, this writer has already put a good hour into the game and please if you’ve got a PC or Mac download this thing and play it! “But how?” I hear you cry.

Windows Version

Mac Version

That’s Permutation Racer, do I really need to say more? Well it looks pretty as sin and runs incredibly well on most systems. The beauty which springs forth from procedural mathematical equations never ceases to amaze and in this prototype it shows even greater. Now go download it!

The developers Big Robot – who are best known for their incredible Sir, You Are Being Hunted – welcome you to spread the word and invite people to post screenshots of their best scores as well as report any bugs. Send it to your mate Clive who spends all his time playing Mega Super Farm Love Rider Story 5 on Facebook and feel proud of yourself for saving a gamer.

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