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Since the announcement of the singleplayer/multiplayer game Titanfall back in E3 2013, many people have attempted to speculate on the player count for this new upcoming shooter from the original minds behind Call of Duty 4. The player count has finally been revealed to be 12 players, meaning 6 on both teams.

There hasn’t been much said about other game types based around this player count yet, hopefully we’ll get more of that down the line of next month before the big release in March. If you’re playing on the newly released Xbox One console, the Xbox 360 or the PC version, the player count will remain the same.

More clarity came soon after regarding the AI controlled combatant’s player count and Titans.

In Titanfall you play each multiplayer mission along side computer controlled players who themselves control Titans, these AI characters fight alongside with you as if they were real players. The population of the AI characters will be up to 12 people on each team, meaning there could be almost 50 characters in a single match that includes players (12 total), player Titans in standby defensive modes (12 total) and AI characters (24 total).

With the coming of Titanfall a lot of players will be expecting the game have fields filled with gun toting Titans, with Titanfall that dream hasn’t completely been lost because the future of Titanfall has just begun, but at this current moment in time, the player controlled Titans we’ll be latching onto, grappling with other Titans, and fleeing for in fear with be capped at 12 players.

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Bob joel
Bob joel

Since when is 36 almost 50?

James Knack

When it’s like this:
Players – 12
Titans – 12
NPCS – 24
Total – 48