payday 2 sweet tooth

Throughout last year Payday 2 has been receiving a considerable amount of content in the form of new missions, new weapons, masks, mask material, and new heist types. That sounds great, but it’s mostly been for the PC version of Payday with the console versions being left with a “coming soon to..” tagline. That’s all about to change now… sort of.

If there weren’t enough creepy clown masks in Payday 2, there probably is now. PlayStation 3 players of Payday 2 are set to get a free bit of exclusive DLC, more specifically a Sweet Tooth mask based off of that wonderful fire obsessed guy from the Twisted Metal series.

Payday 2 Sweet Tooth DLC, because there’s nothing better than getting fired at by a satanic looking clown with an MP4.. I’ve read that the DLC is exclusive to North America, but I cannot confirm whether that’s true or not. If you’re a European Payday 2 player, keep an eye out.

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