The new year has rolled in and we’ve received some numbers on how well the next-generation consoles have done since their staggered launch in November. Released this morning ERA (using Chart-Track data) revealed that both consoles sold incredibly well, but one console came out on top, the PlayStation 4.

Outselling the Xbox One by roughly 166,000 units the PlayStation 4 is clearly the winner selling 530,000 units since launch compared to the Xbox One’s 364,000 units. Both units did however do exceptionally well compared to the launches of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3’s so there’s something.

Unfortunately I don’t think Microsoft is helping the Xbox One along any by keeping it at the high price point. The PlayStation 4 is currently the most affordable next-gen console priced at £349 a whopping £80 cheaper than the Xbox One that’s currently priced at £429. Sadly however there’s no plans to lower the price of either console for a long time now.

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