“Console gaming is dead,” they (the internet) said.

Well, they were wrong.

All that’s been on many people’s minds since Microsoft revealed they had sold 3 Million Xbox One units between release day and the end of 2013 is, “where’s the sales announcement from Sony?” Conspiracy theorists worldwide were congregating at their conspiracy theorist meetings (the first rule of these meetings was not to talk about them…but someone spilled. They are still theorizing about conspired against them) and asking each other if Sony had hit a brick wall in sales, or maybe they sold so damn many PS4’s they just didn’t want to break Microsoft’s little green heart with the number.

Turns out, it was actually the latter.

Yesterday Sony revealed via press release that they had sold 4.2 Million PS4 units between release day and December 28th. Yep, you read that correctly, 4.2 Million. Not only that, but the tech giant sold 9.7 Million games to go along with those consoles, as well as a 90% increase in PS Plus subscriptions. Hell, even games streaming service Twitch is being affected, with 20% of current users now streaming and sharing from their PS4.

“The momentum of the PS4 system keeps getting stronger and we couldn’t be more thrilled gamers worldwide are enjoying the incredibly immersive gaming experiences along with deep social capabilities and entertainment provided by our network ,” said Andrew House, President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

So that’s it, right? Sony won. We Xbox One owners know what to do when defeated.

In the bin you go, friend.
In the bin you go, friend.

Well, that’s not really it. I’m not saying fanboys (and fangirls…fanpeople…?) shouldn’t rejoice that their console of choice has won the first battle in what is sure to be a long fought war on store shelves everwhere, but I am saying it’s not over.

Through the course of their respective life cycles, Xbox 360 and PS3 both sold roughly the same, with over 80 Million total unit sales (yes, Sony has the slight edge in that category as well). So who will win in this looming war between console giants? With respect, neither the Xbox One nor the PS4 will win (no, neither will the WiiU or PC).

Gamers will win. Amid all the infighting and epic fanboy battles, at the end of the day, these numbers show one thing. Gaming is alive, well and growing at exponential rates. Because of the skyrocketing popularity in this entertainment medium, we will see better games, more games, more accessories, more tournaments, more jobs and just flat out more fun. As corny as it is, it’s true. So yes, keep on fighting, just know you should feel lucky you have so much to fight about.

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Phil Barker
Phil Barker

Correct me if I’m wrong but Sony have sold 4.2million consoles in 38 different countries and Microsoft have sold 3million in 13 countries to me Xbox is doing alot considering the amount of countries it launched in.