PlayStation Now

The streaming service allowing gamers to play a library of PS3 games on various platforms including PS4 and Vita, has been offered to selected members of PSN by the medium of a sneaky e-mail in lucky users’ inboxes.

The initial testing process will give those spawny gits the chance to take part in the subscription or rental based service which will include a wide selection of titles you might have missed or just want to replay, such as The Last of Us, God Of War and the Uncharted series. Hopefully the list will be extensive across first and third party titles, giving us the option to play some of the more obscure games we all loved.

Because of the recent news that Sony might be making PS4 backwards compatible with PS1 and PS2 games, the likelihood of games from the previous systems will likely still make it to Now, as they can be played on smart phones, tablets and Smart TVs.

The-Last-Of-UsUnfortunately, this offer only extends to citizens of the US at the minute and the rest of the world will probably have to wait until guinea pigging ends for our cousins across the water.

So, if all goes well, we could be looking at an entire era of gaming history at our fingertips… That is if you have a connection of over 5Mbps. That counts me out then, living in the middle of nowhere. Better get onto BT and bully them into fitting cable broadband in your area if you still can’t reach this speed.

If you’ve received an e-mail and would like to share your excitement, please leave comments in the box below as we’d love to hear how much people are looking forward to Playstation Now.


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