Polaroid, a company that you’d probably associate more with those photographs that you flap about, have announced an ‘affordable’ line of 4K televisions that’ll be gracing their presence at CES next week.

Ranging from 32- to 69-inches, Polaroid plan to launch their range of 4K Ultra HD televisions that’s aimed to be more on the affordable side for consumers, though you’ll still be looking to fork out around $999.99, though compared to the £3,999+ that big brands like Sony are asking for, it’s not that bad. Right now details are pretty thin, but the company plans to reveal all at CES next week.

Polaroid have revealed a bit of information on the model priced at $999.99. Their 50GSR9000 4K television is a massive 50-inch TV that houses three HDMI inputs which the company has said can produce “more than 8 million pixels”, the company also added “This new line of 4K TV’s offers consumers the highest quality picture resolution at the best price,”

I’m sure we’ll hear much more about Polaroid’s range of 4K TV’s next week when the Consumer Electronics Even is in full swing. Keep an eye on n3rdabl3 for more information next week!

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