James Knack here at n3rdabl3 got his grimy little mitts on access to the Project Spark beta and is so far finding it to be rather good fun in all fairness. For those who don’t know the game, Project Spark is a sandbox sort of title where you build levels for other people or play the levels of others yourself. This video focuses upon the playing side of things with what is essentially the introduction to the games mechanics – a mode called Crossroads.  During the Crossroads mode you make choices from three options in order to build your very own quest. Each option builds upon its predecessor and ranges from what kind of land play takes place upon right the way to whether you get attacked by rabid squirrel hordes.

If you want to sign up to the beta yourself head over to their site and add yourself to the list. Currently the beta is only active on PC but it has already been announced that it’s coming to Xbox One sometime in February. If you sign up prepare for a place where you can make your dream game, as long as you use the correct assets of course. James is going to be bringing you new videos of his time in the Project Spark Beta several times a week so don’t forget to keep checking back here or subscribe to our YouTube channel where you’ll find updated Beta Bursts and quite a lot of other video content to watch. Get your daily dose of n3rdabl3 everywhere from the shed to the toilet.

Have you got into the beta? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box down below. Have you even taken to creating your own content?! Then tell us and we will get James on the case to come give it a play and feature it in one of our videos!

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This game looks amazing I just joined the beta queue hope I get in. I’m coming here more often for a voice I can understand and doesn’t make me cover my ears