Project Spark and it’s User Generated Content, shortened to UGC, has been taking the world of amateur bedroom level designers by storm. From the outside it might not look like a game which holds the potential for gameplay limited only by the minds of it’s players. On the inside however the story is totally different. The mind of only one person has to create a version of missile command or build a personal homage to Fable and a horde of thousands of players has at least 5 or 10 minutes of new gameplay to enjoy. Meanwhile someone else is creating and so on and so on.

As a result there’s already, after only a week of the beta being open, a whole host of new content to play with from people. So of course I couldn’t resist the opportunity to go and take a look at it all. What did I find in there? Well watch the video and find out. There’s some pretty amazing stuff that people have made. As well a political statement game and an exploding squirrel.

Do you want to go play Project Spark yourself? Right now you’ll need windows 8.1 on a home computer to give it a play. However in a few weeks the games beta will be coming to Xbox One so go sign up here now to get yourself in the list.

If you’ve already got Project Spark go in the comments box down below or tweet me @JamesKnack and let us know so we can go take a look ourselves!

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