According to a recent Eurogamer report, we might soon be playing our favourite retro PS games on our fancy 21st Century VCR things Playstation 4s.

A lack of backwards compatibility is always a source of contention for any new piece of hardware, with most gamers simply not understanding what we’re told are ‘the difficulties of updating and innovating whilst retaining the capability to play older titles’.

But apparently the PS4 could be implementing local emulation, allowing us to delve backwards in time to 1997 and play Crash Bandicoot until the haze of nostalgia fades and we remember that Crash Bandicoot has always pretty much sucked.

Interestingly enough, there’s potential for our old faves to come emulated with higher quality visuals and the fancy new age graphics I keep reading about. IF PS4 powers through with its promise and provides emulation for its back catalog, would that make you more interested in picking one up? Or do you feel like this is only news to those who already own a PS4 and won’t sway any prospective new consumers? Let us know, as ever in the box below.

Source – Eurogamer.

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