Today see’s the start of a new series here at n3rdabl3 as part of our YouTube content creation collaboration communion… thing. Today we see the very first episode of a new show called Quantum Geek. Join Agent in training Dirk Power as he fumbles his way through a botched CIA training program trying to get everything back in order before jumping back home. Trying to find a wife, land a helicopter on a lorry and finding some strange yet fetching lingerie in a bedroom are just a few of the strange and wacky things he gets up to during training through Grand Theft Auto V.

Okay leaping back home. It’s a blatant modernisation of Quantum Leap but if you want a laugh at a bumbling fool then go check it out! It’s right there above me.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel as well. With over 100 videos already sat there including some incredible let’s plays and the hilarious GTA Online: Rags to Riches and tonnes of new videos going up every week you’d be mad not to miss it. Do you have any ideas where Dirk should go next? Leave them in the comments box down below or tweet them to the whole team @n3rdabl3 or to me, the creator @JamesKnack.

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