Last week a working but tatty copy of an incredibly rare Nintendo Entertainment System game, Nintendo World Championships, had been listed on eBay going upwards of $30,000 when it began. The game’s listing has now ended and the haggard NES cartridge was purchased for an eye watering $99,902.

The reason for the cartridge’s rarity is because it was believed that only 116 copies of the game were produced exclusively for a Nintendo Entertainment System tournament way back in 1990. The cart was produced in the standard grey, like the one sold on eBay, and a few even rarer copies were forged in a gold-like casing.

The eBay listing closed with 328 bids with the winner happy to pay almost $100,000 for the cartridge.

The story of the ultra rare cart has inspired other owners of the Nintendo World Championships cart with a handful of Grey carts being thrown onto eBay as well as an even rarer Gold edition which is apparently one of the 26 that were produced.

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