Okay, so the entire gaming population have probably already played Resident Evil 4 in one of it’s many manifestations since it was born on the Nintendo Gamecube, but those elitists with highly powerful machines may just have scoffed at our little boxes of joy under the TV and missed the last, truly great title in the long running series.

Not so long ago, the game received a lick of paint, some smoothing and a release on PS3 and Xbox 360 in high definition. It was a worthy addition to last generations list of HD upgrades, following in the footsteps of Prince of Persia and the Metal Gear Solid games. It’s also an Ultimate Edition, meaning you’ll get all of the related guff that comes after every big game release, namely DLC and odds and ends.

Now, with your incredibly powerful gaming rig, you too can splatter zombie cranial innards across the walls of a Spaniard’s hovel. Once again, you take control of Leon S. Kennedy, who probably decided Raccoon City was a bit dangerous after his first day as an RCPD police officer and thought a holiday to Barcelona might be a bit safer…

That, however is never the case or it just wouldn’t be survival horror now, would it? You’ll trek the less than sunny vistas of Europe battling a new wave of undead created by a strain of the T-Virus that allows the infected to actually run after you rather than shamble. Yes, the Las Plagas virus obviously doesn’t affect the cerebellum like the old zombie juice and realistically, you should have to shoot the buggers in the back of the head for immediate stopping effect… Maybe that’s why a head-shot doesn’t work as well in RE4.

Capcom’s 2005 game will be arriving on Steam on the 28th of February along with all the suitable achievements, trading cards and paraphernalia you’d expect. If you prefer a more visual experience of what’s coming, have a look at the lovely screenies below!



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