Over the past few days it seemed that a closed Titanfall Alpha was well under way with various players receiving invites to get into the test session along with a sign-up page for you to complete. Well as it turns out, that wasn’t the case and that the Closed Alpha we’ve all been seeing has been a very, very small and very limited technical testing and not a full blown Alpha like we all thought.

Speaking out on the Respawn forums on Friday community manager Abbie Heppe said: “I know there is a lot of confusion over this right now. We ARE NOT running a beta at the moment. We’re doing some very limited technical testing (Alpha. If you have not been invited via email and signed a very comprehensive NDA, you cannot access it.

“I cannot get you in. Don’t be upset, most people are not going to be playing in this and the ones that are can’t talk about it, stream, post video, etc. We understand the desire for a Beta and we have not ruled it out but I don’t have any news on it for you currently. Thank you for your understanding!”

The closed Alpha that’s apparently due to end this evening contained only one map which offered fairly stripped down graphics, in fact, programmer Rayme Vinson has said that the textures are 25% the size of those you’ll find in the finished product.

Further down in the Forum thread Heppe continued to say: “This isn’t a build indicative of final product which is why we’re asking people to please refrain from posting. We try to keep it a manageable download and we’re really only looking to test some technical stuff on the servers so we make a better game for you guys.”

She also touched upon why it seemed to only be for North American players: “I took some heat today over “Why only North America?” and it’s because we don’t need every server around the world up cause the amount of people is limited and that isn’t what we’re testing…and we’re located in lovely (on fire) southern California and we need to be able to play in tests.”

So looking back over the weekend and the flurry of Titanfall Closed Alpha leaks, I’m actually surprised to read that the game featured in the footage is only 25% of the textures, I thought they looked pretty good!

Titanfall is expected to launch on March 14 on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

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