Yep, if you’re a pun-ball wizard, you’ll know this weeks Rocksmith bonanza comes from Mancunian master musicians, Oasis.

When British rock needed a swift, fresh kick up the backside in the 1990’s, the Gallagher brothers and co swaggered in like cocks of the north in their Parkas, punching people for fun and creating a new era of mod inspired music that soon became huge.

Unfortunately, it also spawned a whole society of wide-boy numpties with terrible put on Manchester accents that flooded the country like flies on the proverbial brown stuff and saw the sale of John Lennon shades and Felton jackets spiral out of control.

The good side to all this, was that Oasis managed to pretty much nail the tail on the donkey when it came to writing tracks and albums worth of material, that pleased the baying masses as they sipped on Sunny Delight and walked around like they’d pooed themselves.

Okay, so away from the pleasantries and onto the meat and veg of this weeks downloadable addition to the already massive tracklist:

  • Champagne Supernova
  • Live Forever
  • Supersonic
  • Some Might Say
  • Wonderwall

These fantastic tracks can be purchased for the usual £2.39/$2.99 each or just jam the whole pack into your machine for £9.59/$11.99. You can catch a glimpse of the songs above in the trailer if you so wish.

Keep your eye on N3rdabl3 next week for the next installment of your favourite guitar tutor content. Oh well, I’m Outta Time…

  • Joe Schwartz

    How about putting your effforts into fixing the problems with the game instead of assigning employees to code more songs. The latency and noise issues on the PC version are inexcusable. Far more demanding modeling and recording software have undetectable latency. In the rare case that latency occurs with those programs it is super simple to compensate for. I have owned RS2014 for 3+ weeks and have spent countless hours trying to fix the latency and nose and have made no progress. Please don’t ask me if I’ve tried this or that, followed some internet guide, or if my PC meets the minimum requirements. The ansers are yes, yes and yes. Fix this before you release more songs.

    • Paul Graham

      I don’t seem to have had any latency issues so far. The accuracy on my PC was perfect.

      If you want to complain though, I think you should be directing this at the Ubisoft customer support, Joe. We at n3rdabl3 might be clever but we certainly don’t make the games.

      Here’s the link:

    • Ubisoft

      your computer sucks