Bah, so the album is called Steal This Album, but trying to make a sentence of puns from S.O.A.D tracks is immensely tough. Oh, and stealing DLC is wrong, so wrong you might have your fretting hand chopped off in some countries for even considering it, so there!

If the title of the article didn’t have you winking away in recognition, then I can tell you that this weeks downloadable content for all you finger picking maestros out there is from none other than System of a Down. Walk this way my little FRIEND and I’ll tell you more…

System of a Down were a mid 90’s band, formed by some of the nuttiest individuals in metal/rock music. Serj Tankian’s dulcet tones can melodically Mezmerize you into a false sense of security before he screams violently in your face and from a profession that has a multitude of gurning competition winning countenances, none are as strange as guitarist Daron Malakians. Strange they may be but his guitar skills are absolutely amazing and now you have the chance to play three of the band’s most popular tracks on guitar and bass.

So, you can P.L.U.C.K away in contentment at these fine melodic metal songs, added to the mighty list of already stunning tracks:

  • Aerials
  • B.Y.O.B
  • Toxicity

Yes, there’s only three this week unfortunately and it’s a shame that the opportunity to add Chop Suey, Forest or Cigaro was missed. Maybe SOAD will license more tracks in the near future though, there’s always hope.

As always, Rocksmith 2014 tracks are £2.39/$2.99 for each sandblasting song or you can grab the trio of tunes for £6.49/$7.99. Until next week… Bounce!




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