Oh dear, the puns get worse by the week. You’re lucky I didn’t pull out the old Buddy Hell(y) joke though… That would just have been dire. It’s Weezer week on Rocksmith 2014!

Nineties rock rabble, Weezer, have been pumping out the tunes in various forms over the past twenty years and it’s now time for some new tracks to join Say It Ain’t So on the money sapping, but worthy list of downloadable content to sate your fingering obsessions. I mean fret fingering you dirty lot!

Okay, so that sounded very wrong. Fortunately the songs of choice from Weezer sound very right! The band have covered a fair few sounds over the years from grungy rock to Green Day-esque, ahem, punk… Well it’s not really punk but the roots are there nonetheless.

Without further ado, your new Knock-down, Drag-out tracks are:

  • Island in the Sun
  • Buddy Holly
  • Undone – The Sweater Song
  • Hash Pipe
  • My Name is Jonas

That’s a fair few hits to be going on with until next week’s installment of guitar-widdling tutorial excellence. Until then… Peace!

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