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Rockstar have stated in a report that they are starting to crack down on cheaters that use exploits to generate an obscene amount of in game currency. They are taking care of the situation through numerous of title updates and at the moment they have taken the multiplayer offline to undergo some maintenance to help combat the situation

Throughout the months there have been a lot of cases of players exploiting the game to have lots of in game cash and in my experience I have seen ridiculous bounties of millions of dollars on other players.

The new feature that they are adding is the ability to put players in isolation by throwing them into cheating pools or depending on the circumstances, they will be banned from GTA Online altogether. They also stated that if you ever see any exploits in game that you should use the in-game reporting system.

This is an interesting system that Rockstar are introducing, but then again it could be abused in the future like the Xbox Live reporting system but we will see. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below!

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Got back online after this maintenance fix and $450.000 of my hard earned cash has disappeared…? I haven’t cheated once at all and yet it’s taking money that I obtained legitimately!? What a load of bull, don’t know whether they’re just trying to get more money through people getting daft shark cards or punishing me for other people’s hacking but it’s definitely turned me off the game. I was a fan of GTA since the very beginning but now R* are starting to look more like a profit hungry corporation than a game developer..