Update: Would you look at that? As soon as I click “Publish” Sony announce the PlayStation Vita Slim for real.. Unveiled at the UK press event by UK Product Manager, Ben Law, the PlayStation Vita Slim is 20 percent thinner and fifteen percent lighter than the original, the OLED screen has been replaced by a new LCD screen and there’s 1GB of built in memory.

Sony are expected to bring the full range of colours over to the UK, there’s also a better battery life too with an expected 6 hours of gameplay on a single charge.

Finally, Sony revealed that the PS Vita Slim will eventually replace the current model as stock runs dry.

Original Article: Earlier last week Sony teased that they’re going to be announcing something “slim” today at a press event in London. It was supposed to begin at around 9am, but as of yet no actual announcement has come trough. That doesn’t mean we have no idea what they’re announcing.. the odds are that Sony are going to announce plans to bring the PS Vita Slim to UK shores after a fairly successful launch in Japan.

According to a ShopTo mailer sent out to customers which was lovingly posted by AGB on Twitter, it looks like you’ll be able to pre-order the slimmed down handheld today. With that news VG24/7 heard from a reliable source that the new slim console will set you back £189 with a game, which isn’t that much cheaper than the ‘bulkier’ version.

It’s probably unlikely that Sony will being the entire range of PS Vita Slim/PS Vita 2000 from Japan, as there’s only word that the black version will be hitting UK shores..

At time of writing Sony have yet to confirm or announce the PS Vita Slim rumour so until then – most likely later today – take this rumour with a pinch of salt.

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