On December 2, Winamp officially stopped breathing. AOL had decided to close down Winamp and stop supporting the classic media player. Despite multiple petitions being created to try and keep the Llama alive, Winamp went ahead and died anyway. There may still be hope however as there’s rumours that the nostalgic media player might be getting bought out by Radionomy.

Tech Crunch have heard from a few reliable sources that Winamp might be getting bought out by Radionomy, an international aggregator of online radio stations, from Belgium, who have also shown interest in the Shoutcast digital music service which was also switched off with Winamp.

What gives a little more hope to this rumour is the details that the sources have pointed out, particularly the detail showing that Winamp’s nameservers had been transferred to Radionomy, though Shoutcast’s currently remain the same. Tech Crunch also elaborated that they’d heard that the deal is for both Winamp and Shoutcast properties and the deal should be finalised by this weekend.

Again, even though the details behind the rumour seem realistic it’s still best to take it with a pinch of salt. It seems fitting that Radionomy would be interested in Shoutcast’s 50,000 or so stations and the option to keep Winamp going would be a bonus, but until a solid announcement appears, grab your salt shaker.

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